When you want people to get the message

SMS is the channel of choice when you want people to hear what you have to say. Unlike email, SMS is very personal and always gets attention from the recipient. It is short so does not have a time commitment barrier to read. SMS is also immadiate, reliable and can be interactive as well.

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500,000 SMS
1,000,000 SMS
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Quick SMS
Recipient groups
Recipient lists
Address book
Import contacts
SMS campaigns Manager
HLR Lookup Manager
Report Center
Account Management
API access
Unlimited reseller and/or client accounts
White label ( yourDomain.com)
Set your own selling price
Sender ID customization options
2-way messaging and inbox function
Upload your own skins, colours, logos, contact details
(Send SMS to Australia) AUD price per SMS
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(Send SMS to Saudi Arabia) SAR price per SMS
6.5 Halalas
6.25 Halalas
6 Halalas
5.5 Halalas
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  (Saudi Arabia)